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Form.io Core JavaScript Rendering Engine

This library is the core rendering engine behind the Form.io platform. It is a tiny (12k gzipped) rendering frameworks that allows for the rendering of complex components as well as managing the data models controlled by each component.


To use this library, you will first need to install it into your own application.

npm install --save @formio/base

Next, you can create a new component as follows.

import { Components } from '@formio/base';
type: 'h3',
template: (ctx) => `<h3>${ctx.component.header}</h3>`

And now this component will render using the following.

const header = Components.createComponent({
type: 'h3',
header: 'This is a test',
console.log(header.render()); // Outputs <h3>This is a test</h3>

You can also use this library by including it in your webpage scripts by including the following.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@formio/base@latest/dist/formio.core.min.js"></script>

After you do this, you can then do the following to create a Data Table in your website.

FormioCore.render(document.getElementById('data-table'), {
type: 'datatable',
key: 'customers',
components: [
type: 'datavalue',
key: 'firstName',
label: 'First Name'
type: 'datavalue',
key: 'lastName',
label: 'First Name'
}, {}, {
customers: [
{firstName: 'Joe', lastName: 'Smith'},
{firstName: 'Sally', lastName: 'Thompson'},
{firstName: 'Mary', lastName: 'Bono'}

See https://formio.github.io/core for more examples of how to use this library.

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