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import Components from '../Components';
import ContentEditDisplay from './editForm/Content.edit.display';
import ContentEditLogic from './editForm/Content.edit.logic';

export default function(...extend) {
  const editForm = Components.baseEditForm([
      key: 'display',
      components: ContentEditDisplay,
      key: 'data',
      ignore: true,
      key: 'validation',
      ignore: true,
      key: 'logic',
      components: ContentEditLogic,
      key: 'addons',
      ignore: true
  ], ...extend);
  // Add content as full width above the settings.
  editForm.components = [{
    weight: 0,
    type: 'textarea',
    editor: 'ckeditor',
    label: 'Content',
    hideLabel: true,
    input: true,
    key: 'html',
    as: 'html',
    rows: 3,
    tooltip: 'The HTML template for the result data items.',
  return editForm;